Triad Magnetics Welcomes Sandra Gomez

Posted by Bill Dull | February 16, 2016 0 Comments

Triad Magnetics announces the hiring of Sandra Gomez as the company’s newest engineering team member.

Gomez becomes the latest university graduate to enter Triad’s engineering training program, an on-the-job experience that serves to build both the company’s and the engineer’s ability to provide better design solutions.


Triad's Senior Design Engineers have over 25 years of experience, and newer engineers joining the company undergo a rigorous training program for more than five years before they are considered a Design Engineer.

Triad's training program incorporates design theory, physics, mechanical engineering, customer applications, safety agency requirements, sample building, production engineering and more.

Jim Mettler, Triad’s Engineering Manager says, “In most college Electrical Engineering Curriculum, transformer theory is typically regulated to one chapter of a basic electronics course.

Given tens of thousands of different magnetic materials: cores, laminations, bobbins, insulation; and infinite possibilities of combining the above, along with a myriad of different applications, designing transformers requires many years of experience before an engineer is truly fully competent.

Our aim through the training program is to provide that experience to our new engineers so that they will become design partners contributing to the success of our customer's end product.”

Gomez graduated this past December with a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of California at Riverside and sought out the position due to the depth of the training program.

She says “I wanted to be challenged in my career and so far I have been at Triad. I’m learning every minute and get to see and do something new every day. I’m excited about the future here at Triad.”

Triad Magnetics offers an extensive off-the-shelf product line of magnetic components. Its California Design Center also allows it to provide custom solutions, with rapid prototyping and testing. Certification is available to UL and other global standards.

Triad’s products serve a wide range of applications. They are found in audio systems, computers, dental equipment, factory motion control, process controls, instrumentation, gaming devices, lighting, power supplies, security systems, test and measurement, and more.

About Triad:

Triad Magnetics is a global leader in the design and manufacture of transformers, power supplies and inductors for a wide range of applications, including switch mode/high frequency, wall plug-in, power transformers, inductors and audio transformers.

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