An Introduction to Impedance Matching Transformers

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In order to keep your audio equipment running smoothly, avoid unplanned downtime, and properly maintain equipment, you need to first ensure that your electrical systems are in check and free of common problems. Electrical impedance, in particular, can hinder the performance of your equipment and cause major, system wide issues.


UL Certification Vs. ETL Certification

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Some companies boast their UL listing while others hold up their ETL listing. Yet others, such as Triad Magnetics, carry both UL and ETL certification, varying depending on the particular products.


What Are Electrical Transformers?

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Transformers are electrical devices with the capacity to change the voltage level of an alternating current (AC) in a circuit. They function only with AC circuits, not with direct current (DC) circuits. The basic components of a transformer are two separate coils of wire wound around a single core. The coil connected to the incoming or voltage source is the primary coil, the coil connected to [...]


Isolation Transformers for Medical Applications

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Managing power for hospital equipment and devices is critical for the continued care and well-being of patients. Essential equipment should be isolated from the power source to protect it from disruption or interference. Most hospitals require that diagnostic and therapeutic equipment used in any medical applications be fully isolated with medical-grade electrical components called isolation [...]


What Is a Toroidal Power Transformer?

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Transformers are devices used to transfer power between two parts of an electrical circuit, creating isolation while varying current and voltage. Transformers serve as integral components in most electrical systems.


Understanding the Maximum Power Theorem

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The maximum power theorem, better known as the maximum power transfer theorem, is an essential tool for ensuring successful system design. Put simply, this theorem states that the maximum power that can be transferred from source to load is 50%, which occurs when source impedance is exactly matched to load impedance. The theorem is not as simple as it seems at first glance, however, and can be [...]


Differential Mode vs. Common Mode Chokes

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Noise and other electromagnetic interference (EMI) can pass through electronic equipment as a result of coupling, conductively, via the equipment wires. When this noise occurs on a single line, it adds to the carried signal and is referred to as differential mode noise.


How to Enhance Sound Quality with Audio Transformers

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At their most basic level, transformers consist of a primary and secondary winding situated around a magnetic core. Audio transformers are used to transmit sound signals from the primary to secondary winding with high accuracy and minimal distortion. Transformers are the most effective solution in many audio applications as they allow for electrical energy to be transferred from one circuit to [...]


Inherently vs. Non-Inherently Limited Transformers

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Transformers are passive electrical devices that use magnetic induction to step up or step down incoming AC power voltage to match the voltage needed for the user’s electronic device. They are organized into classifications based on capability and performance level. Class 2 transformers are used for low-voltage circuit control, while Class 3 transformers are used in mid-voltage control [...]


Understanding Audio Transformers

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For more than 75 years, Triad Magnetics has provided innovative magnetic solutions for customers around the world. Our extensive selection of specialty magnetic components ranges from power supplies and LED drivers to wall plug-in transformers and high-frequency magnetics. We offer a broad selection of audio transformers for impedance matching, step-up, and step-down operations in audio [...]