Four Common Medical Regulations that Dictate Transformer Design

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It's no secret the medical industry is full of regulations to keep patients and practitioners safe. However, many may not know that additional regulations are required for electrical transformers used in medical devices. These transformers are specifically designed to protect workers and patients. 


Basics of Inductors

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Inductors are used across many industries to store energy, regulate the flow of current, and create impedance. Circuits require different types of inductors as well as core and winding styles to perform optimally in a given application. Understanding inductor properties is the best way to determine which materials and shapes are best suited for your needs. This blog post will discuss the [...]


How Does Temperature Influence the Lifespan of a Transformer?

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All electrical devices produce heat as an operational byproduct. In transformers, normal operation causes an internal temperature increase or temperature rise. When the transformer is at its nameplate rating, the transformer temperature rise is the average temperature increase of the windings above the ambient temperature. This increase in temperature has the potential to shorten the [...]


10 Factors to Consider When Specifying a Custom Power Inductor

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Power inductors can be used to filter the current or convert the Voltage and current to a different Voltage and current. Applications range from small electrical appliances to large power grid systems. Inductors consist of wound conductive metal coils that generate a magnetic field when electricity flows through them. Inductors are essential in any application that needs to carefully control [...]


Making Sense of Current Transformers

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Current transformers (CTs)—also known as current sense transformers or current sensors—are instruments that are designed and manufactured to detect electrical currents and convert them into more usable forms for different applications. They perform these detections and conversions by measuring the larger current value in the primary winding and developing a corresponding smaller current in the [...]


Chokes vs. Inductors: What's the Difference?

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Numerous technologies rely on chokes or inductors to deliver, alter, and filter electrical current. Understanding the difference between chokes and inductors is essential when designing devices and machinery that rely on electrical power. These electrical components each suit specific applications.


Understanding Audio Transformers

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For more than 75 years, Triad Magnetics has provided innovative magnetic solutions for customers around the world. Our extensive selection of specialty magnetic components ranges from power supplies and LED drivers to wall plug-in transformers and high-frequency magnetics. We offer a broad selection of audio transformers for impedance matching, step-up, and step-down operations in audio [...]


UL 62368-1: The New Safety Standard for ITE and AV Equipment

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In December 2020, product safety standards based on IEC 62368-1 will be superseding IEC 60950 and 60065  across the world, including Underwriters Laboratories (UL) in the US. The goal of the new standard is to establish a more universal and clear approach to hazard-based product testing. It replaces two previous standards—60065 for audio/visual (AV) equipment and 60950-1 for information [...]


UL Listed vs. UL Recognized: What's the Difference?

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Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a globally recognized standards company that works to establish safety guidelines and industry standards for the design, production, and marketing of a wide variety of products and components worldwide, with a particular focus on products manufactured and disseminated in North America. UL is dedicated to the development of more secure and sustainable products [...]


The Impact of Chinese New Year on Electronic Component Lead Times

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In China, one of the most important national events is the Spring Festival. This annual event—also often referred to as Chinese New Year—falls somewhere between the end of January and the middle of February. In 2021, it is set to begin on February 12th.