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The medical industry’s multifaceted, complex, and ever-changing regulatory landscape means that designing medical equipment requires the utmost care and efficiency. This especially applies to electrical applications since faulty components could negatively affect both patients and operating personnel. We at Triad Magnetics know the importance of getting medical equipment right, and we ensure that all our products meet and exceed the strictest safety regulations. 

medical-equipment-01-thumb-3Our engineers build on years of experience to create high-quality, safe, and reliable components that meet both governmental regulations and our clients’ strict performance specifications. We specialize in developing top-notch isolation transformers for medical applications, transformers for medical equipment, and other medical-grade power supplies for economical and risk-free operation. 


With constant technological advances and increasing pressure to innovate, the medical industry relies heavily on the latest electronic devices to provide life-saving cures for patients. Medical professionals use a wide array of equipment that relies on transformers and power supplies, from MRI and CAT scan machines to portable medicine drip controllers and oxygen pumps. Other transformer applications include: 

  • Dental equipment
  • Doctor’s office equipment
  • Hospital beds
  • Lab equipment

Standard Products

We offer two main varieties of medical transformers that benefit many different applications.

Toroidal Medical Transformer Series (VPM)

VPM series power transformers use a toroidal construction to reduce stray fields, increase efficiency, and diminish size compared with traditionally constructed EI transformers. By adding a flux band, these transformers further minimize the presence of stray fields. To improve safety, reduce common mode signals, and curtail leakage current, these transformers also use a shield between the primary and secondary coils. The shield includes a Class F (155°) insulation system, and the primary includes a 140° self-resetting thermal switch. 

Medical-Grade Isolation Transformer Devices (MD)

Medical-grade isolation boxes include toroidal transformers that help reduce stray fields, increase efficiency, and minimize size compared with traditional EI transformers. They operate using a Class F (155°) insulation system, and a white powder–coated steel protects them from contamination and extreme environments. 

Custom Capabilities

We provide extensive custom-design services including rapid design, prototyping, and testing at our Perris, CA, facility, aiming to create the most optimal designs for our customer’s specific  needs. We have the ability to deliver a completely new custom solution or modify an existing product to meet the requirements of any application.

Learn More About Our Medical Transformers

Since our inception over 75 years ago, Triad Magnetics has led the magnetics manufacturing industry in producing top-quality medical parts for a variety of applications. Our team of highly skilled engineers operates out of fully ISO-certified manufacturing and testing facilities.

Our line of inductors, transformers, and power supplies will revolutionize your medical devices. For more information, contact us today and download our Medical Capabilities brochure

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