Understanding Audio Transformers

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For more than 75 years, Triad Magnetics has provided innovative magnetic solutions for customers around the world. Our extensive selection of specialty magnetic components ranges from power supplies and LED drivers to wall plug-in transformers and high-frequency magnetics. We offer a broad selection of audio transformers for impedance matching, step-up, and step-down operations in audio applications. 

What is an Audio Transformer?


An audio transformer transmits and modifies input electromagnetic signals into output signals via inductive coupling. Signals get transmitted through two or more coils of wire known as windings. The number of turns on each winding determines whether the transformer provides a gain or loss of the signal:

  • If there are more turns on the input winding, the signal will decrease or step down.
  • More turns on the output winding will result in a step up.

The term “impedance ratio” refers to the difference between the input and output signals. Audio transformers provide specific impedance ratios for a variety of audio equipment, including microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, and recording equipment.

Components of an Audio Transformer


Audio transformers are typically composed of copper wire windings around a steel or nickel-iron alloy core. Each core material transmits electromagnetic signals differently. Steel has a higher degree of hysteresis (magnetic signal lag), making it better for lower frequency transfer. The higher permeability of nickel makes it ideal for transmitting higher frequencies.

The windings around the core determine the impedance level, which increases, decreases, or maintains the signal level as it passes through the transformer. When the signal enters the transformer via the input (primary winding), it then gets transferred to the secondary winding via electromagnetic induction. More windings around the core correspond with a higher impedance, so if the primary winding has more than the secondary, the signal will decrease (step down). Conversely, if the secondary winding’s impedance is greater than the primary, the signal will increase (step up).

Impedance matching is one of the primary uses of audio transformers. Impedance is determined by the efficiency of the conversion from voltage into magnetic flux. In addition to stepping signals up or down, audio transformers can match the input and output impedance levels to create efficient power transfer without distortion or signal overload. Impedance-matching transformers will not necessarily boost or attenuate the signal but will create balance for an optimal energy transfer.

Audio Transformers from Triad Magnetics


At Triad Magnetics, we have a history of providing stellar audio transformers for big-name companies like Fender. We offer a full selection of superior-quality audio transformers, and our most popular transformers for audio operations include: 

  • Mil-T-27E Red Spec Printed Circuit Audio Transformers. Durable and versatile with precision plug-in terminals, gold-plated 0.020” diameter nickel alloy leads, and recessed epoxy case, this transformer complies with rigorous MIL-T-27E standards. It is an excellent option for highly demanding applications in the 300 Hz to 100 kHz range.
  • PC Mount – Plug-In Printed Circuit Audio Transformers. Perfect for isolation, input, output, line matching, and interstage applications, among others, this design features durable 0.042” square pins and a bobbin with spaced plug-ins for easy mounting.
  • Data/Voice Coupling Transformers. Triad’s TY series audio transformers comply with FCC Part 68 requirements for leased private and dial-up public-switched telephone lines. They are ideal for matching, line balancing, isolation, repeat coil, and hybrid circuits.

Choose Triad Magnetics for All Your Transformer Needs

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Whether you need audio transformers for internal communication systems, recording studios, or event loudspeakers, Triad Magnetics has the perfect equipment for your application. In addition to our broad selection of standard transformers, we offer professional customization and design services. To learn more about our audio transformers, contact us or request a quote today. 

Audio Transformers from Triad Magnetics

Transformers in the Audio and Sound IndustriesSince 1943, Triad Magnetics has been a leading provider of dependable, high performance  custom audio transformers. We are committed to providing the highest quality audio solutions for our customers in a wide range of industries. To learn more about the benefits and uses of audio transformers, download our eBook "Transformers in the Audio and Sound Industries", or contact our experts today

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