Food and Beverage Applications for Class 2/3 Power Transformers

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Transformers convert alternating current (AC) from one voltage to a higher or lower voltage. Class 2 transformers are safer, more highly-rated electrical components frequently used in the food and beverage industry. Class 2 is a compliance rating signifying that the power transformer meets safety standards that reduce the risks of fire or shock.

Essential features of Class 2 transformers include their safeguards against failure and their temperature control capabilities. The insulation used in these transformers enables them to withstand temperatures as high as 121 °C without damage. Class 2 transformers also reduce the risk of shock by limiting harm from excess power.

The characteristics of Class 2 transformers make them an ideal choice for commercial food processing equipment. While all Class 2 transformers meet basic compliance standards, Triad Magnetics’ Split Pack™ transformers provide even better performance due to the increased focus on safety and innovative design.

Cooling, heating, and processing equipment in the food and beverage industry are susceptible to electrical shock and fire. With few exceptions, Class 2-compliant transformers and power supplies—such as refrigerator transformers—have become the industry standard. All food and beverage equipment is subject to NRTL inspections and safety restrictions related to current levels, voltage, and isolation characteristics.

Triad Magnetics’ PC Mount Split Pack Class 2/3 Power Transformers

Triad Magnetics’ Split Pack™ transformers are used to support a wide variety of PC board applications. These products feature split bobbin or side-by-side transformer components. This is different from standard PC board transformers, which typically stack the secondary component on top of the primary one.pc mount split pack power transformers-1

Due to this design change, Split Pack™ transformers may be used in series, parallel, or separate circuit configurations. Also, split bobbin transformers don’t require electrostatic shielding to protect the device, and the components in a series or parallel circuit have more secondary dielectric strength.

With Triad Magnetics’ Split Pack™ transformers, PC boards can be designed with unique circuit configurations that generate more power and control for industrial or processing applications in the food and beverage industry. 

Food and Beverage Applications of Class 2 Power Transformers 

It’s vital to equip your facility with the latest technology to keep up with the complex demands of the food and beverage industry and to expand your capabilities beyond those of your competitors. Triad Magnetics provides the highest-quality transformers and related components designed to optimize food and beverage equipment for maximum performance and efficiency. Our products also meet Class 2 and UL standards, making them ideal for transformer temperature control.

Our most popular components and their applications include:

  • Class 2 power transformers, which are essential for safely altering voltage levels in convection oven and conveyor oven transformers, as well as other food-processing appliances where voltage levels widely vary.
  • Current sense and PCB power transformers, which enable appliances such as fast food egg cookers to sense electrical currents, then change the voltage of the AC for safer operation.
  • Control transformers, used in smaller appliances like coffee makers.
  • Common-mode chokes, which block excessively high-frequency AC while still allowing lower-frequency AC and DC to reach devices. Common-mode chokes are often used in deep fryers to control power input.
  • Custom power toroids, which power beverage dispensers in industrial facilities and restaurants.

Transformers From Triad Magnetics

Transformers are vital electrical components in all industrial or commercial settings that have electrical equipment with varying voltage requirements. Food and beverage processing facilities, cold chain storage and distribution centers, restaurants, and other points across the food supply chain all need transformers that safely adjust voltage and protect against the risk of fire or shock. 

Download our eBook, “Understanding UL Class 2 Power Transformers,” to learn more about Class 2 standards,UL-Class-2-Power-Transformers-1 the importance of transformers in various industries, and how to outfit your equipment and facilities with UL Class 2 power transformers. You can also request a quote today for Class 2 transformers for your food and beverage operation. Browse our catalog of custom power transformers for additional product options.

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